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Warmly welcome the chairman of Hong Kong Global Caps Co., Ltd., Hong Kong "Captain King" Yan Chunyi and his entourage to visit Huirui Biological Investigation Guide
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At 8 o'clock on September 16th, 2019, a group of senior executives from Hong Kong Global Hat Co., Ltd., Hong Kong's "Mao King" Yan Chunyi and others visited Whale's biological inspection and guidance, looking forward to a meaningful and rewarding visit. Yuan Zhi, general manager of Huirui Bio, Zhu Mingjie, general manager of Huirui Pharmaceutical, Xiang Shaohua, deputy general manager of Huirui Bio, and Yuan Dingyou, general manager of Huirui Bio Marketing, accompanied the company. During the period, the company also introduced the advanced production management methods and corporate culture of Huirui Bio in the detailed meeting room of the fifth floor conference room. I believe that this exchange will definitely promote the rapid development of the company.


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